Nouvelle théorie de gravitation

nous venons de publier une nouvelle théorie de gravitation. cette article scientifique est apparu dans la revue Journal of PanAafricain Studies (Vol. 7. no 7)


Religion and Science Conversion Possibility: Towards the Formulation of a Systematic Theodicy of African Traditional Religion and its Reinterpretation of Empirical Cosmology


The conflict between science and religion in Western thinking is the result of a materialistic epistemological choice which led to the elimination of the central role the soul played in pre-Socratic Grecian civilization. In contrast, the Black-African holistic epistemology affirms the centrality of the notion of God in understanding the world, and this naturally implies the possibility of a unity of science and religion. Hence, this article demonstrates this unity through a formulation of a systematic theodicy of African traditional religion. And second, this work shows the natural convergence between the cosmological concept that emerges from African theodicy and the observations of empirical science concerning the expansion, gravitation and movements of celestial bodies in the temporal universe. At the subatomic level, the convergence is seen in the interpretation of the particle/wave behavior of light quanta, in the process of entanglement of particles and in the stability of atoms. Juxtaposing the above, this paper offers a new interpretation of the nature of electrons and photons as true particles in undulating trajectories.

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