The CV of Dr Luyaluka


a. First Name: Kiatezua  

b. Middle name : Lubanzadio

c. Last Name: Luyaluka

d. Nationality : Congolese

e. Marital status: Single and Celibate

f. Date of birth: January 18, 1956

g. Place of Birth: Kinshasa  

h. Name of father: Dominique Kiatezua

i. Name of mother : Elisabeth Wutawaku

j. Location: Kinshasa, D. R. Congo


a. Licence in architecture: 1984-1992 IBTP Gombe, Kinshasa, D. R. Congo (school of architecture). The Congolese license degree is obtained after five years of study at university (3 undergraduate years and 2 license years). 

b. Bachelor in the theology of Christian Science: 2003 Massachusetts Metaphysical College, Boston, USA     

c. Ph. D. (honor) in theology (option: apologetics): 2006 -2008 Trinity Graduate School of Apologetics and Theology, Kerala, India: Title of the thesis: Correct Perception of Kindoki Basis for the Deep Christianization of Africans. 


a. English; French; Kikongo; Lingala


a. 1975-1976 and 1976-1984: teacher of mathematics at high school. 

b. 1992-2005 Christian Science practitioners (spiritual healer).  

c. 2002-2006: Christian Science lecturer. 

d. 2003-2005: authorized Christian Science Teacher.  

e. From 2008: researches in Afrocentric spirituality and epistemology at the « Institut des Sciences Animiques » (ISA), a modern trend African traditional initiatory school.

f. From 2008: spiritual healer. 

g. From 2009: teaching African spirituality and metaphysics in the ISA. 

h. From 2012: Chief Editor of « Pensées Kémétiques », a publication of the ISA. 


a. Associate Editor for Sociology International journal (Publisher: MedCare, Oklahoma, USA).

b. Member of the review team of the following scientific journals:

1. Environment, Development and Sustainability

2. African Journal of History and Culture


a. 1966: I joined the Baptist Church (EBBF, the Baptist Church of lower region of the Congo River); I was the first child (ten years old) to be accepted for baptism in this church. 

b. 1969: I left the Baptist church estimating that I was no more learning anything new. My main concern became then my protection against witchcraft and the Baptist Church could not help in this. Hence I began reading various books. 

c. 1977: I joined the Christian Science Church. 

d. 1986: I had Christian Science class instruction with Martin Auret, CSB of Johannesburg, South-Africa. At the end of the course I realized that I still lacked the knowledge I needed for the fight against witchcraft. Mr Auret encouraged me do this research myself. From this time on I began to delve seriously into this subject.

e. I talked with various Kongo initiates, and began to realize the convergence and the need to approach Christianity in the African epistemology. 

f. 2003: I had Christian Science Normal Class with Tom Black, CSB.

g. 2008: After my graduation from Trinity Graduate School of Apologetic and Theology, I left the Christian Science Church to found the Institut des Sciences Animiques (ISA) an Afrocentric research and initiatory center focusing on African spirituality and epistemology. 






South Africa, Congo Brazzaville, Zimbabwe, Cameron, Togo, Bénin, Côte d’Ivoire, Senegal, Nigeria, Haiti, USA.


a. Sample of religious articles on Christian Science :    

1. « Protection from witchcraft », in Christian Science Monitor, February, 23, 1994

2. « Se libérer de l’étreinte de l’histoire », in le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne,  June, 1995

3. « Witchcraft is an illusion », in Christian Science Sentinel, 1er March, 1995

4. « Defeating the temptation to commit suicide », in le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne, April, 1996

5. « Ecrire un article », in le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne, July, 1997

6. « How to increase one’s faith », in Christian Science Sentinel, December, 12th, 1997

7. « Dominants-dominés », in le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne, December, 2002

8. « Perception de la nature impersonnelle du mal », in le Héraut de la Science Chrétienne, July, 1998

9. « Nothing can resist my prayer », in Christian Science Sentinel, 14 November, 2005.  

10. Books by Dr Luyaluka

a. Publish by l’Harmattan at Paris, France: 

10. Vaincre la sorcellerie en Afrique, 2009. 

11. La Religion kôngo, 2010. 

12. L’Inefficacité de l’Eglise face à la sorcellerie africaine, 2010.    

b. Published by the ISA, on kindle at 

13. Kindoki – an African mystery elucidated, 2014. Published under the pseudonym of Ne Kiana Mazamba. 

14. Epistemological Bases of the Black-African lore, 2014

15. Afrocentric Spirituality, 2014. 

16. Witchcraft and Development in Black-African Milieu, 2014.

17. The Enigma of the Resurrection of Jesus, 2014.

18. The Myth of Nzala Mpanda, 2014.

19. Theocentric big-bang cosmology, 2015.

a. Published scientific papers

20. « The notion of « N’zambi Ampûngu Tulêndo »: an outcome of the being-force concept » in HAL, 2015,

21. « Africa: Final release from the predation of the West’, in Congovision, 2015,

22. « De l’existence et des origines des Besingômbe », in HAL,  2014,

b. Published scientific peer-reviewed papers

23. « Religion and Science Conversion Possibility: Towards the Formulation of a Systematic Theodicy of African Traditional Religion and its Reinterpretation of Empirical Cosmology », in The Journal of Pan African Studies, 7(7): 108-139, December 2014

24. « Comparative Monotheism: Ancient Egypt and the Kongo religion, the Bukongo », in The Journal of Pan African Studies, 8(2), July 2015.

25. « An Essay on Naturalized Epistemology of African Indigenous Knowledge », in The Journal of Back Studies, 6(47): 497-523, 2016. 

26. « The Spiral as the Basic Semiotic of the Kongo Religion, the Bukongo », in The Journal of Black Studies, 48(1): 91-112, 2016. 

27. « African Indigenous Religion and Its Ancient Model Reflections of Kongo Hierarchical Monotheism », in The Journal of Black Studies, 48(2): 165-189, 2017. DOI: 10.1177/0021934716681153.

28. « The Elucidation of Afrocentricity Through Hierarchical Monotheism Redefinition of Black Theology » published August 4th, 2017 in Black Theology an International Journal, 15(3): 257-278  

29. « Solar Religion, a Scientific Source of African Normative Ethics » in Africology: The Journal of Pan African Studies, 10(5): 66-83, July 2017. 

30. « Solar Hermeneutics, an Imperative for African Traditional Religion and Solar Religion in General », in Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(8): 643-652, August 2017.

31. « Spiritual Healing in Kôngo Tradition: Its Nature, Scientific Validity, Generalization to African Cultures and Modern Continuation », in Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(8): 653-661, August 2017.

32. « The Scientificity of African Traditional Religion and Its Redefinition of Secularism », in Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(8): 662-668, August 2017.

33.  « An Empirical Methodology of the Study of Witchcraft and its Implementation in African Cultures », in Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(8): 633-642, August 2017.

34.  « The Solar Cosmological Interpretation of the Egyptian Nut, Shu, Geb Science », in Saudi Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, 2(8): 669-676, August 2017.


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